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**Elevate Your In-Room Dining Experience with Jenwey Tea**

Welcome to the world of **Jenwey Tea**, where we transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, delivering a luxurious tea experience that enhances every stay at your esteemed five-star resort. Discover the myriad benefits of incorporating Jenwey Tea into your in-room dining service, and see why we are the premier choice for discerning travelers

**The Ultimate in Luxury Packaging**

At Jenwey Tea, we understand that presentation is as crucial as taste. Our teas are elegantly packaged in clear, white, or fully compostable individual wrappings, each designed to reflect the sophistication and exclusivity of your resort. This not only ensures the highest standards of freshness and quality but also complements the luxurious ambiance of your rooms

**Tailored Traveler Blends**

Our proprietary data-driven approach allows us to offer blends tailored specifically to your guests’ needs. Whether they are leisure travelers seeking relaxation, business professionals needing a boost, or fashion enthusiasts looking for a refreshing break, we have the perfect tea for every occasion:

*Sleep Teas**: Encourage restful sleep and relaxation.

*Energy Teas**: Provide a natural boost to start the day

*Iced Teas**: Refresh and revitalize in the afternoon

*Immunity Blends**: Support wellness and vitality

**Exclusive Amenities for an Elevated Experience**

To further enhance the tea experience, we offer a range of exclusive amenities:

*Tea Warmers and Timers*: Ensure the perfect brew with precision and style

*Cocktail Shakers and Spices*: Allow guests to craft bespoke tea cocktails or mocktails, adding a touch of creativity and luxury to their stay

*Wellness Cards*: Informative cards that detail the health benefits of each blend and offer elegant recipes for tea-based cocktails and mocktails

**Wellness and Luxury Combined**

Jenwey Tea is committed to wellness, blending traditional benefits with modern luxury. Each tea is crafted to not only delight the palate but also to provide various health benefits, making it a perfect addition to any wellness-focused resort program

**Sustainability Meets Sophistication**

Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our packaging options. Choose from clear, white, or fully compostable packaging, all designed to uphold our commitment to environmental responsibility without compromising on elegance.

**Why Choose Jenwey Tea for Your Resort?**

*Unmatched Quality*: Each batch of tea is crafted with the highest standards of quality and creativity

*Customization*: Tailor tea programs to suit the unique preferences of your guests

*Luxury and Elegance*: Enhance the in-room dining experience with our sophisticated packaging and exclusive amenities

*Wellness-Focused*: Offer your guests teas that support their health and well-being.

*Experience the Difference*

Jenwey Tea is more than just a beverage; it’s an experience that resonates with luxury, wellness, and sophistication. By choosing Jenwey Tea, you provide your guests with an unforgettable in-room dining experience that complements the high standards of your five-star resort


**Discover More**

To explore how Jenwey Tea can transform your in-room dining service and to view our complete range of offerings, email us at

Thank you for choosing Jenwey Tea, where every cup tells a story of tradition, innovation, and exceptionally luxurious taste


The Jenwey Tea Team



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