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Classy & vibrant - The Exquisite World of Apricot Blossom Tea

A Journey of Flavor with Jenwey Tea

As the sun graces the horizon with its morning glow, it's time to indulge in a cup of serenity and taste that reflects the luxury of time well spent. Jenwey Tea proudly introduces our new Apricot Blossom Tea Blend, an artisanal creation that transports you to a springtime orchard kissed by the dawn.

The Elixir of Apricot Blooms and Rooibos Whispers

Crafted from a delicate rooibos base, our Apricot Blossom Tea encapsulates the warm hues of the sun. Each sip entwines the citrusy whispers of orange, the luscious embrace of apricot, and the lyrical floral notes of Persian rose petals. This boutique blend isn't just a tea; it's an immersive narrative of wellness, craftsmanship, and innovative spirit that Jenwey Tea embodies.

Brewing the Perfect Cup: Hot or Cold, Latte or Cocktail

Whether you prefer your tea steaming in a cup, echoing the steam rising off a tranquil lake at dawn, or iced, as refreshing as a gentle spring breeze, our Apricot Blossom Tea offers versatility in preparation:

  • Hot Brew: Steep the tea in water just below boiling for 3-5 minutes, allowing the flavors to unfold gently.

  • Iced Tea: Cool the hot brew and serve over ice. The double-walled glassware, a hallmark of Jenwey Tea, will ensure your tea remains chilled.

  • Tea Latte: Blend the hot brew with frothed milk, creating a symphony of creaminess with our tea's fruity notes.

  • Tea Cocktail: Elevate the experience with a dash of apricot brandy, & a touch of brut

  • Tea Mocktail: Combine the iced tea with sparkling water and a spoonful of 'Prima Pavé' for an effervescent, non-alcoholic indulgence.

Exclusivity in Presentation

Choose the way you savor our Apricot Blossom Tea—either in biodegradable silk sachets for a singular experience, loose leaf for the connoisseur's touch, or large batch iced tea pouches for gatherings that echo the grandeur of Jenwey Tea moments.

A Tea that Celebrates Every Moment

Every leaf, every petal, and every citrus note in our Apricot Blossom Tea is a testament to the philosophy of Jenwey Tea—where tradition meets innovation, and exceptional taste is a journey, not just a destination. We invite you to explore this journey, where every leaf tells a story of tradition, innovation, and exquisite taste.

At Jenwey Tea, we set trends by crafting experiences. Our new Apricot Blossom Tea Blend is more than a beverage—it's a luxury to be experienced, a taste to be savored, and a moment to be treasured. Embrace the world of Jenwey Teas, where every sip resonates with our commitment to creativity, quality, and the exquisite balance of flavors.

Join us at to elevate your tea experience to a realm of unparalleled luxury.



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