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Essential Wholesale Supplies for Tea Catering

Introduction to Tea Catering Supplies

Tea catering is a delightful way to bring elegance and charm to any event. Whether it’s a high tea, a bridal shower, or a corporate gathering, the experience revolves around not just the quality of the tea, but also the ambiance created by the setup. To ensure a successful tea catering event, having the right supplies is crucial. This guide will discuss the essential wholesale supplies needed for tea catering, ensuring your events are both memorable and effortless.

Tea and Tea Accessories

1. Variety of Teas

At the heart of any tea catering business are the teas themselves. It is advisable to offer a broad selection to cater to all preferences. Include classic black teas like Earl Grey and Assam, green teas such as Sencha and Matcha, and herbal teas like chamomile and peppermint. Offering a diversity of flavors and types is essential for satisfying all your guests.

2. Tea Bags and Loose-Leaf Teas

Providing both tea bags and loose-leaf options caters to convenience as well as the traditional tea-drinking experience. Loose-leaf teas often offer superior taste and an element of luxury that can enhance the catering experience.

3. Tea Infusers and Strainers

For loose-leaf tea servings, high-quality infusers and strainers are necessary. Stainless steel or silicone options are durable and can handle repeated use at multiple events.

4. Teapots and Kettles

A selection of elegant teapots and efficient kettles are central to any tea service. Consider ceramic or glass teapots for their aesthetic appeal. Electric kettles with temperature settings are ideal for quickly brewing multiple cups of tea at the correct temperatures.

Serving Supplies

1. Cups and Saucers

Selecting the right cups and saucers can significantly affect the presentation of your tea service. Porcelain or bone china cups offer a classic look, while clear glass cups might add a modern twist. Ensure you have an ample number for large gatherings and possibly a few extra in case of accidents.

2. Serving Trays

Tea needs to be served with grace, and having elegant serving trays is key. Wooden, metal, or ceramic trays can align with different themes and aesthetics. They should be sturdy yet not too heavy, as they will often carry multiple items at once.

3. Sugar and Creamer Sets

Many guests enjoy sugar and cream with their tea. Providing matching sets can further enhance the visual appeal of your tea service. These should also be chosen to match the overall style of the tea sets.

Additional Essentials

1. Napkins and Table Linens

Napkins and table linens should be of high quality to match the elegance of the tea event. They can also be chosen in colors and patterns that match the event’s theme or the branding of your business.

2. Menu Cards

Clearly printed menu cards can make it easy for guests to know their options and potentially explore new kinds of tea. These should be legible and align with the event’s decoration.

3. Decorations

Floral arrangements, table centerpieces, and other delicate decorations can enhance the atmosphere of a tea catering event. While not strictly ‘supplies,’ these elements are essential for creating the right environment and can leave lasting impressions on guests.


Equipping your tea catering business with the right wholesale supplies is critical for providing exemplary service and creating an enchanting experience for your guests. From high-quality teas and elegant teapots to carefully selected serving accessories and decorations, each element plays a vital role in the success of your events. With the proper preparation and supplies, your tea catering can truly be a source of joy and refinement.



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