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Introducing Tea: A Refreshing Twist for Corporate Steakhouses

The Rise of Tea in Corporate Steakhouses

In the ever-evolving landscape of dining, corporate steakhouses are seeking innovative ways to enhance their beverage offerings beyond the traditional realm of wines and spirits. One of the most notable trends is the incorporation of tea into their menus. This shift not only caters to increasing health-consciousness among consumers but also adds a refreshing twist to the dining experience.

Why Tea?

Tea offers a variety of benefits that make it an attractive addition to any menu. It is well-known for its health benefits, including its antioxidant properties and its ability to reduce risk factors for heart disease and potentially even some cancers. Tea also has less caffeine than coffee, making it a suitable option for those looking to decrease their caffeine intake without sacrificing a flavorful beverage. Furthermore, the vast array of tea types—from green and black to herbal and oolong—provides a plethora of flavor profiles that can complement different dishes, particularly the rich flavors of steak.

Tea Pairings with Steak

Pairing tea with steak might not be as traditional as pairing it with wine, but it can be equally delightful. Certain teas can enhance the flavor of steak while providing a balancing effect to its richness. For example, a robust black tea can stand up to a hearty rib-eye with its bold tannins acting similarly to those in red wine. On the other hand, green tea with its slight bitterness can cut through the fat of a buttery filet mignon, balancing the flavors beautifully.

Customizing Tea Selections

Corporate steakhouses can also explore custom tea blends that reflect their unique branding or regional flavors. For instance, a steakhouse could offer a smoky Lapsang Souchong to complement a char-grilled steak or a floral Earl Grey for a more subtle beef dish. By customizing tea selections, restaurants not only enhance their culinary offerings but also create a unique dining experience that sets them apart from competitors.

Tea-Infused Cocktails and Desserts

Another innovative approach is the introduction of tea-infused cocktails and desserts. These creations can add a sophisticated touch to the dining experience while maintaining cohesiveness in the menu. For example, a cocktail made with jasmine tea and bourbon could offer a refreshing pre-dinner aperitif, while a matcha-infused crème brûlée can provide a sublime end to a meal.

Non-Alcoholic Tea Beverages

For those customers who prefer non-alcoholic options, steakhouses can expand their menu with a range of brewed teas, iced teas, and even tea mocktails. These beverages can serve as excellent alternatives to alcoholic drinks, providing inclusivity for diners who abstain from alcohol for health, religious, or personal reasons.

Training and Equipment

To successfully integrate tea into their beverage program, steakhouses will need to consider both staff training and necessary equipment. Staff should be knowledgeable about the different types of tea, brewing techniques, and the principles of pairing tea with food. Additionally, proper tea brewing equipment, such as high-quality tea pots and precise temperature control devices, are crucial to ensure that teas are prepared correctly and consistently.

Marketing the New Tea Menu

Introducing tea in a steakhouse setting involves not just menu changes but also strategic marketing efforts. This might include hosting tea and steak pairing events, offering tea tasting menus, or even collaborating with local tea producers for special promotions. Effective marketing will help attract those curious about the new offerings and convert them into repeat customers.


The introduction of tea into the beverage menu of corporate steakhouses represents a forward-thinking approach to dining. It not only broadens the appeal of these establishments by offering healthier and diverse options but also enhances the overall gastronomic experience. As consumer preferences continue to evolve towards more healthful and unique dining options, the role of tea in upscale dining contexts is set to become more prominent.



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