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Top Artisan Tea Suppliers to Try

Introduction to Artisan Tea

Artisan tea refers to high-quality teas produced on a small scale, often using traditional farming methods and hand-processing techniques. These teas are known for their unique flavors and high levels of craftsmanship, which distinguishes them from mass-produced varieties. In this article, we will explore some of the top artisan tea suppliers around the world that any tea enthusiast should consider trying.

Top Artisan Tea Suppliers

Choosing the right artisan tea supplier involves considering the origin, production methods, and variety of teas offered. Below is a curated list of noteworthy artisan tea suppliers, each known for their quality and dedication to the craft of tea-making.

1. Camellia Sinensis

Based in Montreal, Canada, Camellia Sinensis is renowned for its meticulous selection process and direct relationships with tea growers. The company specializes in single-estate teas and rare finds, favored by both new tea drinkers and connoisseurs. Their offerings include everything from classic black teas to exclusive aged pu’erh.

2. Yunnan Sourcing

Yunnan Sourcing is dedicated to sourcing the finest and most diverse range of pu’erh tea directly from Yunnan, China—the homeland of this unique fermented tea. Besides pu’erh, they also provide a wide array of green, black, white, and oolong teas, all sourced directly from small farmers committed to traditional practices.

3. Teatulia

Located in Denver, USA, with its own organic tea garden in Northern Bangladesh, Teatulia is notable for its sustainable farming practices. They offer a small, but superb range of teas, including their signature Bengal Breakfast and Lemongrass Herbal Infusion, all packaged in environmentally friendly materials.

4. Rare Tea Company

London’s Rare Tea Company is a purveyor of rare and single-origin teas. They work closely with growers across the world to ensure quality and authenticity in every cup. Their offerings include the likes of Wild Rooibos from South Africa and White Silver Tip from Malawi.

5. Art of Tea

Based in Los Angeles, Art of Tea blends and curates organic teas and botanicals with a focus on health and well-being. Their vast selection ranges from classic Earl Grey to innovative blends like Chocolate Monkey. Moreover, they place a strong emphasis on sustainability, using biodegradable packaging and investing in fair trade practices.

6. Hojo Tea

With a firm belief in the Japanese philosophy of tea-making, Hojo Tea sources exclusively high-quality Japanese teas. They specialize in teas that are not only rare but also enhance longevity according to Japanese tea principles. This includes varieties such as Gyokuro, a shaded green tea, and Aged Pu’erh tea.

Choosing the Right Artisan Tea Supplier

When selecting an artisan tea supplier, consider the variety of tea they offer, their sourcing methods, and their commitment to sustainability. Small-batch tea companies often provide a higher transparency regarding where and how the teas are sourced, creating a meaningful connection between the consumer and the origin of the tea.


Artisan teas offer a unique window into the cultural, geographic, and personal stories behind each cup. By choosing from one of the top suppliers listed above, you not only enjoy a superior tea experience but also support sustainable and ethical agriculture practices. Whether your preference leans towards robust black teas, delicate whites, or earthy pu’erhs, the world of artisan tea has something to offer every tea lover.



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