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  • Boutique Jenwey Tea Sugar Cubes
  • Boutique Jenwey Tea Sugar Cubes

Boutique Jenwey Tea Sugar Cubes


Welcome to Jenwey Tea, where tea lovers can indulge in the ultimate luxury tea experience with our new Pink Luxury Sugar Cubes, created by our world-renowned pastry chef.


These pink sugar cubes are delicately crafted to enhance the flavour of your favourite Jenwey Tea blends.

Made with the finest quality sugar, each cube dissolves slowly, releasing a burst of sweetness with every sip. The light pink hue of these sugar cubes adds a touch of elegance to your tea-time, making it a visual treat as well.

These luxury sugar cubes are exclusively designed to accompany our boutique blended tea collection, enhancing the flavour and the overall experience.

Whether you're sipping a classic black tea or an herbal infusion, our Pink Luxury Sugar Cubes will elevate the taste and appearance of your cup.

Packaged in a chic and stylish box, our Pink Luxury Sugar Cubes make for a perfect addition to your tea collection or as a gift for the tea lover in your life - In true Jenwey Tea fashion!

Cheers to lifes sweetest moments! xox