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Dragon Well


 A Symphony of Elegance and Wellness

A masterpiece of tea craftsmanship, symbolizing our dedication to wellness, innovation, and extraordinary experiences.

This tea is not just a beverage; it's an embodiment of love, wellness, and a connection to the world around us.

**Tasting Notes:**Our Dragon Well Green Tea is a harmonious blend of tender, hand-picked leaves, cultivated with meticulous care. As you take your first sip, savor the gentle, yet invigorating taste, where subtle nutty undertones meet a hint of sweet vegetal flavors. The finish is clean and refreshing, leaving a delicate, lingering sweetness on the palate.

**The Experience:**Each cup of Dragon Well Green offers a journey through the lush tea fields of Eastern China, where the leaves are pan-roasted in small batches, preserving their vibrant green color and enhancing their rich flavor profile. The tea's soothing aroma and brilliant jade hue are a feast for the senses, promising a serene tea-drinking experience.

**Health Benefits:**Rich in antioxidants, Dragon Well Green Tea is a celebration of health and vitality. It supports a healthy metabolism, promotes mental clarity, and provides a natural energy boost, making it an ideal choice for the wellness-conscious connoisseur.

**Brewing Perfection:**To fully appreciate the exquisite balance of flavors, we recommend steeping the leaves in water just below boiling for 2-3 minutes. This gentle brewing process awakens the tea’s soul, revealing its complex character and nuanced taste.

**Join Us in a Cup:**In the spirit of Jenwey Tea’s artisanal roots, we invite you to indulge in the luxury of Dragon Well Green Tea. It's more than a tea; it's a moment of tranquility, a touch of luxury, and a step towards wellness, all encapsulated in one perfect cup.

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