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  • Luxe Master Year of the Dragon blend

Luxe Master Year of the Dragon blend



Luxe Blend – An Opulent Journey of Flavors and Wellness

The heart of this blend is aged black puerh, a revered tea known for its depth and complexity. Each leaf is meticulously selected for its rich, earthy tones and the ability to mature beautifully over time, much like a fine wine. This aged puerh forms a foundation that is both grounding and exquisitely refined.

Embracing this robust base are the ethereal touches of chrysanthemums and delicate rose petals. Chrysanthemums, with their calming properties and a hint of sweetness, add a layer of elegance and serenity. The rose petals, a timeless symbol of love and beauty, infuse the tea with a soft, floral aroma, elevating the sensory experience to a realm of pure bliss.

Adding to the grandeur, gold flakes are sprinkled throughout, turning each cup into a golden elixir that symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and the richness of life. This infusion of gold not only creates a visual spectacle but also adds a touch of decadence to every sip.

Completing this luxurious ensemble are the rose hips, known for their vibrant energy and health benefits. Their subtle fruity notes bring a natural sweetness and a hint of tanginess, perfectly complementing the other elements in the blend.


Ingredients: Aged black puerh, chrysanthemums, rose petals and a touch of edible gold dust


  • Brewing the Luxe Blend

    • Preparation: Warm your teapot beforehand to keep the tea at an ideal temperature.

    • Tea Measurement: Spoon 1 to 1.5 teaspoons of the Luxe Blend per cup into the teapot.

    • Water Temperature: Bring water to a near-boil at about 95°C (203°F). Aged puerh tea thrives in hotter water.

    • Steeping: Allow the tea to steep for 4-5 minutes. This duration helps to fully release the flavors of the puerh, chrysanthemums, rose petals, and rose hips.

    • Serving: Pour the tea, observing the beautiful blend with gold flakes creating a luxurious spectacle.

    • Additional Infusions: Aged puerh can be re-steeped several times, with each infusion revealing new facets of the blend.

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