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  • Sweet Orange Cinnamon
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Sweet Orange Cinnamon


Transport yourself to a world of refined indulgence with Jenwey Tea's Sweet Orange Cinnamon Tea, a decadent herbal blend featuring real cinnamon, bourbon red rooibos, and sweet orange peel.

Each sip is a lavish experience, with the subtle sweetness of orange peel and the spicy warmth of cinnamon perfectly balanced against the full-bodied richness of rooibos.

This luxurious blend is crafted with only the finest ingredients, including real cinnamon pieces and sweet orange peel that infuse the tea with natural sweetness and a tantalizing aroma.

The bourbon red rooibos adds depth and complexity, creating a tea that is both indulgent and comforting.

Enjoy this exquisite blend on its own, or pair it with your favorite treats for a truly decadent experience. For an extra touch of luxury, try our Sweet Orange Cinnamon Old Fashioned cocktail, featuring the same irresistible flavors in a refined libation.

Indulge in the ultimate sensory experience with Jenwey Tea's Sweet Orange Cinnamon Tea, a tea that embodies the essence of luxury and sophistication, both hot and chilled.


  • Cocktail Infusion: 1 Tblspn or 2 Silk Sachets of Tea

    Infuse into 2 Ounces of Warm Spiced Apple Cider for 7 minutes

    Add Hot Infusion to Cognac

    Garnish with Cinnamon Sticks & a Star Anise

    Sweet Orange Cinnamon Hot Toddy: Brew a cup of Sweet Orange Cinnamon Tea, and add a shot of bourbon and a drizzle of honey for a comforting and warming drink.

    Spiced Orange Spritzer: Combine Sweet Orange Cinnamon Tea with sparkling water, orange slices, and a dash of cinnamon for a refreshing mocktail with a kick.

    Cinnamon Orange Old Fashioned: Infuse Sweet Orange Cinnamon Tea into your favorite whiskey for a unique take on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and orange peel for an added touch of luxury.

    Cinnamon Orange Smoothie: Brew a cup of Sweet Orange Cinnamon Tea and chill in the refrigerator. Blend the chilled tea with a banana, a handful of spinach, and a splash of almond milk for a nutritious and delicious smoothie with a subtle hint of spice.

    Orange Cinnamon Sangria: Brew a pitcher of Sweet Orange Cinnamon Tea and chill in the refrigerator. Add sliced oranges, apples, and cinnamon sticks for a fruity and refreshing sangria with a twist.

    Enjoy these delicious and creative ways to savor the comforting and indulgent flavors of Jenwey Tea's Sweet Orange Cinnamon blend.

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